Call for Papers

Papers for presentation in different sessions under sub-theme(s) are invited from the faculty members of universities, research organizations, development agencies of Bangladesh and abroad. The paper must be original, unpublished and not submitted elsewhere for publication. It should contain abstract, introduction, objective, methodology, results and references. Papers in MS Word are to be submitted electronically within the deadline. Authors should follow the guidelines.

Areas to be covered

Core Theme can be related with the following areas but are not limited to (in addressing the issues, authors are requested to bring regional and global perspectives, lessons and experience)

❏ Money, Banking, Insurance and Financial Institutions

❏ Accounting, Accountability and Governance Issues

❏ Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

❏ International Trade and Business Cooperation: Risk and its Diversification

❏ Infrastructure Development and Public-Private Partnership

❏ Development Policies for Ethical and Responsible Trade

❏ Role of Private Sector Business in Economic Development

❏ Manufacturing, Engineering, Industrial, Textile and RMG Sector

❏ Leadership, Creativity in Management and Management Information Systems

❏ Money-laundering and Cross-border Financial Crimes

❏ Automation, Software Development, Adoption of ICT and Innovation, Cyber Security

❏ Legal Issues Relating to Intellectual Property Rights and Patents

❏ Role and Importance of Regional Economic Grouping

❏ Planning for Transition from Least Developed Country (LDC) to Developing Country (DC)

❏ Tourism, Service Industries, Manpower Export and Global Labor Market

❏ Blue Economy and Environmental Protection

❏ Gender in Development and Women Empowerment